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January 3, 2023
Full Time

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Employment standards for this facility are consistent with EEOC for all people applying for or holding this position. 


Graduate of an accredited Registered Nurse program. 

Licensure/Certification in the state of Iowa required.

Essential Functions:

  1. Assume responsibility for the development of nursing service objectives, performance standards of nursing practice for each category of nursing personnel, and nursing policies and procedure. 
  1. Assume accountability for the development, organization, and implementation of approved policies and procedures.
  1. Direct, evaluate, and supervise all resident care and initiate corrective action as necessary.
  1. Assess resident care needs and assist in the development of individualized plans of resident care.
  1. Assess resident needs and make recommendations for special rehabilitation programs.
  1. Evaluate resident care as related to individualized resident needs, family involvement, and the physician’s plan of care for the resident.
  1. Conduct resident care conferences.
  1. Assess resident responses to medication and treatments and make appropriate recommendations. 
  1. Report problems to the Administrator, conduct daily resident rounds and initiate corrective action as necessary.
  1. Utilize a coordinated process to monitor and reduce the risk of nosocomial infections in residents and staff.
  1. Direct implementation of ‘Resident Bill of Rights’.
  1. Direct and implement nursing service education programs, including, but not limited to orientation and in-service for licensed and unlicensed nursing personnel.
  1. Conduct staff meetings with all shifts for purposes of planning, coordinating, and implementing nursing service policies and procedures.
  1. Demonstrate consistency in managing problems, emergency situations, and respond appropriately within the Quality of Life Policies of Healthcare of Iowa.
  1. Assume responsibility for nursing service compliance to Federal, State, and local regulations.
  1. Consistently operate nursing services efficiently and economically.
  1. Direct allocation of nursing service equipment and supplies within the facility and establish guidelines for efficient and economical utilization of supplies and equipment.
  1. Insure availability of equipment for nursing personnel.
  1. Assess equipment and supply needs and make recommendations to the Administrator.
  1. Complete and/or supervise scheduling of employees maintaining staff/resident ratios.
  1. Identify safety hazards and initiate corrective action.
  1. Conduct interviews, hire nursing employees, conduct counseling interviews, and initiate disciplinary action as necessary.
  1. Prepare written employee performance evaluations and initiate recommendations for salary increases, promotions, or corrective action.
  1. Conduct disciplinary action(s) privately and professionally.
  1. Participate in QAPI (Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement) meetings and other facility committees as assigned. 
  1. Consistently make level of care determinations based on the physician’s recommendations and plan of care.
  1. Develop management reports and special assignments, and adhere to established time schedules.
  1. Establish open lines of communication with consultants and consistently take follow-up actions or recommendations. 
  1. Take inquiries for resident placement as assigned by the Administrator and initiate procedures for proper placement of residents and level of care determinations. 
  1. Coordinate resident admissions, transfers, and discharges with community agencies and other facilities.
  1. Establish good public relations with hospital discharge coordinators and social service consultants.
  1. Communicate daily with nursing personnel providing clear, concise information as well as specific assignments.
  1. Come to work as scheduled and consistently demonstrate dependability and responsibility.
  1. Address worker’s compensation/employee injuries in the absence of the Administrator.
  1. Consistently work cooperatively with facility administration, nursing personnel, ancillary personnel, all facility departments and consultants.
  1. Come to work in a clean, neat uniform, and consistently present an appropriate professional appearance. 
  1. Follow established infection control and universal precautions and monitor facility staff for the same.
  1. Must be responsible for the safety of residents under your supervision.
  1. Follow, supervise, and evaluate the implementation of the Resident’s Rights Program.
  1. Observe all facility safety policies and procedures including working responsibly to ensure personal safety. 
  1. Assume accountability for all information contained in the Employees Personnel Handbook and all Policy and Procedure Manuals.
  1. Accept and perform additional duties as assigned by the Administrator in a cooperative manner.
  1. Actively and effectively pursue a program of medication reduction and monitor the programs progress.  Work with all nursing staff to accomplish and maintain this goal. 
  1. Support new practice standards to promote quality care and/or life for the resident.
  1. Comprehend and follow all OSHA, State, and Federal policies and regulations.
  1. The physical activities of this position involve crouching, fingering, grasping, kneeling, lifting, pulling, pushing, reaching, standing, and stopping.
  1. An individual in this position will be required to carry or lift weights of 75 to 100 pounds and sometimes more with assistance.  An individual in this position will be expected to use, assist and demonstrate devices for handling or lifting residents. 
  1. The sensory and communicate activities essential to the performance of this position include: ruling, hearing, seeing, smelling, speaking, reading, and writing.
  1. An individual in this position may be exposed to: inside environmental conditions, and physical, chemical, or respiratory hazards.
  1. An individual in this position may be exposed to Bloodborne Pathogens.

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