Often after a short hospital stay due to an illness or surgery, an individual requires rehabilitation. Our rehabilitation program allows residents to work with quality physical, occupational, and speech therapists. We offer access to private furnished rooms with a homelike environment so you can be comfortable while you recover.

You can rest assured knowing you will be able to feel at home while you concentrate on getting stronger. Together we will create a personalized care plan to help you reach your goal of getting back to enjoying life!

If ever needed, current residents have priority access to additional services on campus.


Preparing for a safe and appropriate discharge plan can be one of the most challenging aspects of hospitalization or a nursing home stay. After a long stay, going back home can be overwhelming. Birkwood Village offers a short-stay option called 'Bridge to Home' for those who have just left the hospital or a nursing home. This stay allows individuals to receive extra care and support to ensure the best possible outcome when they return home.