Welcome to the New Year, 2022! The Recreation Program is beyond excited to start providing an array of fun and purposeful activities for our tenants. Tenants will be given the opportunity to participate in our daily exercise program, baking, trips to the library, shopping outings, happy hour, fun games, and many more! Activities Monday- Friday will start at 9:30 am, followed by another activity at 10:00 am, then will continue after lunch around 1:30 pm, ending the day with our last activity at 3:00 pm. These times may change from time to time and occasional weekend and evening activities will be provided throughout the month. The activity room has many perks besides its spacious area, it also has an ice cream machine that can be accessed at any time of the day and a popcorn machine that will be used frequently. Supplies for independent and spontaneous small group activities will always be available upon request. Live music entertainment is in the works of being scheduled for January and we look forward to hearing your feedback on who we want to return for the months ahead. If you have any questions or suggestions on activities you would like to see provided, please reach out to Karin, our Recreation Program Director.  We look forward to a fun year ahead!!